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 How to have the sexiest bath possible alone ;)
-First you need to make sure your bathroom is nice and clean ;) You don't want to try and cum when some guy's ashes are everywhere. Seriously derek baby! Clean up! 
-Next, you need to sort out the bath. ;) You want to find a bubble bath with the best top bit possible. ;) It should be just wider than your throbbing hard errection (if not use a tub and pad it out). If you're a girl remember to use a condom when you shove the bottle inside. Then collect your cum in the bottle and shake, baby!! ;) Cum on a slightly dampened sponge too and squeeze until the cum becomes frothy and foamy and beautiful. ;) You can smear it over every part of your skin, especially your sexual organs.
Then while you run a nice warm bath (making sure to drip in the bubble bath mixture), go and get some ice cubes. ;) If there are too many sharp edges you can always pop them in your mouth first to round them off. ;) Then shove them as deep into your arse (and pussy if you have one ;)) as possible. ;) Then sink into the warm, frothy bath, enjoying the smell of cum and the variations between warm and cold as the ice cubes move. ;) 
I myself have a dildo on the bottom of my bath and I recomend that EVERYONE gets one. ;) If you slip onto one of them then the ice'll be pushed further inside. ;)
Then we move onto the most sexual of all bathroom appliances - the showerhead. ;) Making sure you're wet, shove the showerhead as far as you can up one of your holes. If it's on i'll GUARENTEE you an orgasm. ;) If you dont get one right away, try twisting it as you push it in and out of you. ;)

-Remember to use a bubble bath with not much scent ;) you wanna have a bath that reeks of YOUR oder ;) Or the oder of a loved one... but for me that's the same thing. ;)
-It's hot having a very dominant partner force you to do this too. ;) Especially if they cum/piss on you whilst they shove the showerhead up your arse. ;)

Make sure the water isn't too hot. ;)

Personal experience:
I come every time, baby! ;)



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