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with a very horny duck?

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Name:Roy Smith
Birthdate:Sep 10
Location:In your bed, under your covers.
I'm Roy HIV Smith - a hot and horny stud at your service ;)

I live in Liverpool with my father Walter and my stepsister Daisy. My step-"brother" Derek lives in Poland.

My best friend is Kurt Hall. Yes, THE Kurt Hall. He wants you to get down on your knees, sluts. ;)

I work in a zoo, my favourite place on earth... gotta love all the animals. ;)

I'm polyamorous, baby, so I'm not sticking with just one girlfriend or boyfriend. Any more offers? ;)

I love sex with animals, especially ducks. If you don't like it, just fuck off. ;)

I'm a nice guy really. Don't be fooled by all the gossip and rumors flying around. ;)

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69, adopting ducks, animal adoption, animal sex, animals, baltazar smith, bed, being woken by ducks, bi, bisexuals, bj, blowing, blowjobs, boobs, boyfriends, boys, breasts, brothers, buttplugs, caress, cock, condoms, cooked duck, daddy, daisy smith, derek smith, duck alarm clocks, duck bills, duck for dinner, duck pie, duck soup, ducks, ducks in bed, finger, finger-fuck, fried duck, fuck, fuck a duck, fucking, fucking ducks, gay, girlfriends, girls, handjobs, homosexuals, horniness, horny, hot chicks, hot guys, hot n horny, humans, kurt hall, lesbians, lick, lj, love, loving ducks, making love, master walter, me, men, mummy, music, myself, myspace, nipples, orgasms, pansexuals, people, perving, playing instruments, playing with ducks, quack quack, roast duck, roy, roy & derek, roy hiv smith, roy smith, running with ducks, sea, sex, sexiness, sexing, singing, sisters, sleeping with ducks, straight, suck, suck a duck, sun, titfucking, tits, tittyfucking, touch, touching ducks, vagina, walter baltazar smith, women, working out, working out with ducks, zoos
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