Mar. 10th, 2009

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I do not watch porn. There are some occasions where I might, and only when I find the porn particularly funny. I think that people should go out and get laid rather than watching it. Where's the fun of watching it when you aren't actually doing it yourself? ;) It's not hard to get a good fuck each night. ;)

I think sex is an amazing thing. ;) It brings people closer together and can be a very enjoyable act for consenting adults. I mysef enjoy sex with all different races, both genders and animals (especially ducks).

If you enjoy watching porn, that's your choice, baby. ;) I personally prefer to go get laid. However, I find the following disgusting:
-Sex where one of the participants is underage. It's one thing if both are children trying things out and nobody's filming or making them do it, but a completely different thing for people to watch and support the abuse of children.
-Rape. Rape isn't funny. It's another form of abuse, and even if you're watching a 'rape fantasy' being played out or whatever, it's still disgusting. I don't understand anyone who has a rape fetish. I don't think anybody should ever be forced into sex.
-Many people are forced into doing sex because they have no money. They are selling their bodies and being used and abused. I know a good many prostitutes who enjoy what they're doing and who haven't been forced into it at all. They agree that it's disgusting the way some of us men treat them! They are not objects. I really hate such disregard for such a wonderful thing.

Because of this, I've decided to do a friend cut. I will delete those of you who have never talked to me, or whose entries are just full of meaningless sex pictures. I joined some communities hoping to find someone who liked sex but shared my opinion. I didn't find many people.

I enjoy writing comic porn stories. They are pure fantasy, but even if they weren't, I do find these acceptable. If nobody's being hurt mentally or physically, I find it a good and natural thing to do. I also aprove of sex tips. It's always good to get a little imagination into your sport ;)


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